Windows 8 start menu


Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, likes to dictate how everyone works. Tablets are great for getting information, but when actually creating content the desktop/laptop will remain the best solution for the majority.

They eliminated the start menu from the task bar and added their charms. But if you don't have a touchscreen things become awkward.The system starts in their "Metro" screen and one always needs to move to the desktop.

Well there a few people that have created a replacement for the start menu on your Windows 8 system.

I have tested a few out and most have the same capabilities, primarily the ability of the system to boot up directly to the desktop and the familiar looking start menu as one is used to in Windows 7 and XP.

Even when Windows 8.1 comes out in October it will have the ability to start up to the desktop but will not have the familiar start menu.

Here are links to a number of different sites that offer free start menus:

Start menu from Lee Soft

Start menu from Reviversoft

Start menu from Pokki

Start menu from Power 8

There are a few more that can be found by searching for "windows 8 start menu"


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