Featured Ads Part 1

Featured Ads module documentation part 1   for Classifieds Redux and

adsmanager  components  for Joomla  compat 25  and   compat 15 native.


A few things to better understand how Featured ads functions:
In order for a client to be able to add an item to the Featured Ads list, they must be registered on this site, otherwise the new ad will not have a user assigned to it.

By using the Joomla Menu assignment you can determine on what pages your Featured Ads will display.

    Joomla 2.5
  Joomla 1.5

You can have both horizontal and vertical Featured Ads displays on the same page
  BUT..  do not have both displays set as scrolling, they will conflict.

In order to have multiple styles  in Joomla 2.5 use the duplicate feature of the modules manager, just select the Featured Ads module and click on duplicate.

For Joomla 1.5 use the copy feature of the modules manager, just select the Featured Ads module and click on copy.

This will create a copy. Click on the copy name and change the name if you wish.
Then you can set the type of display, either horizontal or vertical, and the scroll or non-scroll effect.
This can allow you to have 4 different styles of Featured Ads displays.
If in the future, when you upgrade the Featured Ads module all of the parameters for each version will remain intact so you will never need to reset them.

If you are logged in as a Manager, or Administrator, Super-Administrator or Super-User in the front end you will be able to see which ads are in the Featured Ads database table, with the ability to remove (delete) an individual ad from the database table or add items to the table.


This way you never need to go to the back end to administer the Featured Ads database table.

When a user is logged on, they will be presented with a form to allow them to add to the Featured Ads section plus it will show them which of their current ads are already in the Featured Ads section.

If they wish to have their item(s) added all they need do is turn on the corresponding item's checkbox and then select the term from the drop down list.

One or more items will then be added to a shopping cart. When they click on the Checkout with PayPal button they will be redirected to the Paypal site.

Once they have completed payment they will return to your site and the item should appear shortly in the Featured Ads display.