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Featured Ads    module for

Classifieds Redux and Adsmanager  components

for Joomla  3.0/2.5/1.5

compat 30   compat 25   compat 15 native


Click on the filename above to download the extension or start the payment process.

Joomla 1.5 version of Featured ads is still available, at a lower cost, but will no longer be maintained.

A license purchased for this item is valid for a term of 180 days.

This means that if any new releases are added you are entitled to download them at no additional charge within that 180 day period.

Support will always continue after that period.

If you have questions or issues please post them on the forum for the benefit of others.

Please read the documentation under the Documentation section where you can select to view it in your own language.

If you like my products and support please post a review on the Joomla Extensions Directory.

The more popular (by reviews and favorites) my extensions are the higher the positioning.

This means more upgrades, new extensions and continued support.



Latest updates:


  • Modified to conform to Joomla 3.4


  • image display modified to prevent overflow


  • Revised PayPal processing for Adsmanager.


  • Improved image handling for newer version of Apache and PHP


  • Upgraded to Joomla 3.0+ standards


  • upgraded to handle new image naming scheme as employed by adsmanager's latest release (270 rc4).
  • upgraded redirection anomalies
  • added mysql error trapping for all queries


  • the add to featured forms for both the user and admin are now using the same background and border colors as the Featured ads display
  • added the ability to show the most popular ads (the free ads module has now been dropped)
  • allow module to be shown on pages other than Classifieds Redux pages.


  • date_format parameter to avoid resetting in php.ini or language files every time an upgrade is made
  • new flag to alow ads to display for the category one is viewing.

                    enter a specific categroy id (will always show ads only from this category),

                    0  =   any and all ads will be selected to be displayed in Featured Ads

                  -1  =   only ads from the currently viewed category/sub-category will be displayed

                  -2  =  only ads from the root category of the selected sub-category will be displayed

  • parameters for ad headline display, allow 1 or 2 lines and the length of the lines


  • created language files
  • added PayPal form text to parameters and language files
  • revised the image display to conform to Classifieds Redux range of JPG, GIF and PNG images.


$ 6.00



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