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This module will work with Joomla 3.0/2.5   compat 30   compat 25 

myLinks is a webmaster tool that combines myCPanelLink, phpMyAdmin and phpSyntaxCheck.  This was setup specifically for Joomla 3.0 because they now enclose each module within a DIV section, needlessly adding newlines. By combining these 3 it eliminates this issue. You can selectively decide which ones you do or do not want to appear.  This will function just the same with Joomla 2.5

Links will be placed in the admin area with the following icons:

myCPanelLink logo   for myCPanelLink  - a link your your webhosts control panel

phpMyAdmin logo   for phpMyAdminLink  -  a link to your phpMyadmin, this can be either to your localhost/phpMyAdmin (desktop) or your webhosts phpMyAdmin

phpSyntaxCheck      for phpSyntaxCheck  -  a link to a php syntax check program, to help catch those pesky typos.


follow these steps to implement.

  1. Set the position of the module to either status (preferred) or menu or sub-menu.
  2. Indicate whether or not to display the control panel link.
  3. Set the URL of your web hosts control panel (the default shows how most Control Panels can be accessed).
  4. Indicate whether or not to display the phpMyadmin link.
  5. Set the URL of your web hosts phpMyAdmin (the default shows how most local phpMyadmin programs are accessed).
  6. Indicate whether or not to display the php syntax checker link.
  7. Set the URL of a php syntax checker.
  8. Determine allowed viewers/users of these links.
  9. Publish and save it.
The links link should now appear in the position set.


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